Re-defining [Girl]

Powerful Voices believes that gender is a socially constructed identity and that [GIRL] is a creation of the socialization and messages that a person assigned as “female” is given at birth. Our expertise and programs reside in serving youth with personal experiences and issues that socialized females face; therefore we define [girl] as any person who has been socialized and/or identifies as female. 

Our goal is to build safe, inclusive communities for female-identified youth and encourage youth to explore their own personal expression of gender-identity and radicalize the structure of binary genders. Powerful Voices acknowledges our own room for growth in serving gender non-conforming youth in our community. We honor the strength & struggle for gender non-conforming youth who seek safe community building. We aim to increase our allyship, education, training and capacity to responsibly serve gender non-conforming youth in our programs in the future.


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