How do we do it?

In December we are celebrating Personal Power.  At Powerful Voices adults work to develop girls' personal strengths so they become powerful advocates for themselves and others.

So how do we do this?  We're pulling back the curtain to give you our top 5 list:
1.  Youth leadership.  If adults are always "in charge" then we're not exactly practicing what we preach.  This requires you to examine your own adultism.  The result?  Powerful.  
2.  Find ways to turn “bad behaviors” into a strength:  i.e. GIRL: “People say I am loud and bossy.” STAFF: “You have a strong voice and are a great leader.”
3. Support girls in identifying their own strengths and power.  What better way than asking the right questions?
4.  Voice and choice.  Youth are given choices to practice healthy decision making and allow them some contro.
5. Get rid of your ego.  Ask for feedback from them on how you can improve in what you do and how you interact with and treat young people.


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