Jane's Top 12 of 2012

I love Powerful Voices and I love lists...so here is my Top 12 List of Powerful Voices moments from this year:

1.  Girlvolution 2012:  ActiveVistas reminded me (and 198 other people) that the revolution has already begun - we just need to listen to their powerful voices.

2.  International Day of the Girl:  Thank you to the 250 people who celebrated the power of girls with us!  And to the State of Washington and King County who declared 10.11.12 the Day of the Girl in honor of Powerful Voices.

3.  Getting emails like this: "...I took part in Powerful Voices the first year it was held at my middle school. Last year! And I wanted to take the time to thank all the beautiful, individuals who had took there time to help us understand how the world and the media and people in general see young women. And how Powerful Voices taught me that my voice matters when it is something important but that my voice isn't always needed when negativity and drama and things I shouldn't get into come along. So thank you, to everyone at Powerful Voices..."

4.  Innovative Program award:  on 6.5.12 the Seattle Human Services Coalition honored us with an Innovative Program Award for Powerful Choices, one of our programs that aims to prevent exploitation of girls and build confidence and leadership in young women.  

5.  Mock interview day:  community volunteers interviewed girls in our DYVAS employment program to help them hone this important pre-employment skill.

6.  Staff flash mob:  it's not unusual to have a dance party in the office, but this took it to a whole other level.

7.  Listening to a PV alumna talk about her first weeks at WWU (my alma mater) and hearing her say how much of a difference PV has made in her life.

8.  Board meetings: do I have to pick just one?  Twelve amazing women revitalized the leadership of our organization.

9.  Hiring Antasia, Raul, Rex and Shavon - smart decisions if I do say so myself.

10.  Reading the DYVAS Zine for the first time.  My favorite line, "we are the chosen generation that will rise to succeed in life."

11.  Listening to Valerie speak at the University Unitarian Church about the impact volunteering at Powerful Voices made in her own life.

12.  Good news about girls:  all the times that Frankie (our case manager) would tell me about a girl getting a job or improving her grades or getting her GED.

I can't wait to see what 2013 has in store for Powerful Voices!


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