Personal Power & The Things That Fuel It...

Imagine the feeling that you get, when you are entrenched in something that you have a great love and appreciation for.  Not just something that you are sometimes in the mood for and only half interested in but something that you live for. Picture this entity as something that provides for and nourishes your various levels of strength, courage and wisdom. This thing fuels the fire inside of you. If that felt warm, fuzzy, emotional, exciting or all of the above, imagine that thing joining forces with something else that you have a great appreciation for.  Something that inspires you to be magical, powerful, and real regardless of nagging suggestions and perceptions from outside sources.

For me, that “thing” is music, it has proven to make magic. When I hear music, I have an urge to jump, shout and tell the world (okay…more like everyone in the office) what it’s all about. Hearing a good tune is what fuels the fire inside for me. I live to experience music that I can connect with. Throughout my journey of living life, I have grown to acknowledge, explore and be still in the realm of my personal power. It took a long time, but I can now confidently claim to trust myself and the things that I am capable of achieving. Trusting my process and believing that I have a right to freely BE, without outside distractions, suggestions and perceptions. I was affirmed in my own findings in 2011, when Jill Scott released The Light of the Sun, an album in which she is celebrating life, owning her experiences and standing strong in her reality. One track in particular, WOMANifesto, is a masterful depiction of Jill and the realm of her own personal power. Within WOMANifesto Jill makes magic. She combines the world of rhythms with what I find to be the depths of her personal power, declaring her strength, courage and wisdom.

What is something in your life that supports your personal power?


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