Girl Justice 2013

"Girl Justice was a fantastic opportunity to learn from and engage with Powerful Voices staff and youth engagement allies from around the region. I took away some very accessible tools and experiences that will help me to be a more sensitive communicator and facilitator, not only in my work with youth but with adults as well." 
-Layla Taylor, Adult Ally

On January 18th, forty people came together with Powerful Voices to learn how to be better adult allies to young people.  In addition to learning from Powerful Voices' staff about our practices and program models, participants got to hear directly four young women who are alumnae of our programs.  Two great pieces of advice from the youth panelists:  "Listen to them (youth) and see what they have to say" and "Don't work with youth because you have pity - understand with genuine sympathy because you care."

Thanks to the high quality information and wisdom shared by everyone in the room, people left feeling inspired to get more involved with Girl Justice advocacy efforts. As one participant said, "It was wonderful to be surrounded by so many intelligent, talented and passionate women."

connecting with a girl's story

super-star youth panel

reflecting on our own identities 

learning from each other


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