Your Impact: a safe space in juvie

While many of our programs serve girls over weeks, months or years, Juvie Groups provide a chance to connect with girls only for a few hours.  This is because the majority of girls are detained in King County Juvenile Detention for days or weeks at a time. 

So how does Powerful Voices make an impact in just a few hours?

In the short-term, we provide a safe space for girls who are surviving within a system not historically designed for their needs.  In the long-term, we work in solidarity with their families, detention staff and partners like Team Child and Seattle Public Health to equip them with skills and support to prevent further detention and help them navigate challenges in their lives.

At the end of one of our groups we asked girls to complete the sentence, "One thing I learned today is..."

Their responses:
  • how much strength and power girls have
  • working together can be fun
  • to be able to be more patient
  • to be willing to try
  • girls are smart
  • I can have fun no matter what
  • being honest is good
  • people really do care

In 2012, Powerful Voices touched the lives of 49 young women detained in King County Juvenile Detention.  These services were funded due to the generosity of individuals who gave to Powerful Voices over the year.  Thank you.

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