Gather Consignment raises $2,000 for Powerful Voices

What a fun night!  You can't go wrong with good food, good wine, good company and a little shopping.  Thank you to Gather Consignment for hosting a Ladies Night on February 21st benefiting Powerful Voices.
Shoppers raised $2,000 to benefit the girls of Powerful Voices.  

What can $2,000 do for a girl?  It can support two young women are able to access case management services this year.  Powerful Voices helps these young women identify their goals around basic needs, education and employment. Then Powerful Voices' staff act as a bridge to help girls' achieve their goals. Some of my favorite days at Powerful Voices are when I hear that one of the girls has raised her grades from a C to an A, or when another young women has been offered her first job.  These success stories are now happening because of you.
We are so grateful to everyone who donated and especially to Dan and Megan McCabe and Earl and Doreen Harper for organizing this event. 

Check out this Seattle Times article profiling the event.


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