Powerful Voices: Shaundriqua

As part of Women's History Month, we will be highlighting girls and alumna of Powerful Voices who are making history right now. Today we want you to meet Shaundriqua (Riqua) Webber.  During her work with Powerful Voices, Riqua presented a workshop on the topic of Teen Prostitution at the 2012 Girlvolution Conference and collaborated with DYVAS to create A Chosen Generation, a zine published in 2012. Riqua has returned to Powerful Voices this year to speak in our programs about her experiences. Thank you Riqua for allowing us to share your words and work.

Riqua's biography from the DYVAS Zine

"Powerful Voices has made me realize that my voice can make a difference! It has made me realize that no matter how much women are looked down on in this society, I still matter. I still have a voice, and I do realize it is powerful and my voice can actually take me far in life. After every session I had at Powerful Voices, I always left with more confidence, something new that I didn't know about the world, most important a sense of belonging. I would suggest this program for the whole world to sit down and be in, just because it IS that powerful." - Shaundriqua Webber


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