"Being An Adult Ally"


Some months back, Powerful Voices was contacted by a former adult ally of our employment programs, with an awesome opportunity for collaboration and knowledge sharing. I can remember the announcement being made at our weekly program team meeting, and the rush of excitement that I had about it.  Molly, our Program Manager, asked, “Does this sound like a project any of us are interested in taking the lead on?” I sat for a while…okay, more like a few seconds, before my hand flew up uncontrollably. “Me! I will!”  

Beginning in 2009, the University of Washington and the School of Information have hosted a conference dedicated to providing professional development opportunities for students interested in the realm of youth work. This conference is called iYouth. This year, the theme of iYouth was “youth advocacy” and Powerful Voices was so graciously invited to host a workshop on “Being an Adult Ally.”

The week leading up to this workshop, my nerves were trying to get the best of me. I was thinking "Oh no. What did I sign up for?" When the day arrived, I felt the same way. Luckily, I had the support of an awesome co-facilitator in Caroline, and a few pieces of decadent chocolate filled with caramel. It felt good to give this information to others, some of them sharing that this workshop was their first introduction to the terms "Adultism" and/or "Adult Ally." It was beyond rewarding to know that Powerful Voices had a hand in sparking some of the initial awareness of others in the community. 


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