What we're talking about: Bright Young Things

Heard around the office today?  Disgust and analysis of Victoria's Secret new product line aimed at middle school girls.  According to to The Black Sphere:  

"the risqué brand will launch an undergarment line aimed specifically at pre-teens and young teen age girls. And lest you think that Victoria’s Secret has toned down their recognizably racy style to appeal to this younger demographic, think again.
The new brand called, 'Bright Young Things,' includes lace black cheeksters with the word 'Wild' emblazoned on it, green and white polka-dot hipsters screen printed with 'Feeling Lucky?' and a lace trim thong with the words, 'Call me' on the front."

Unfortunately, this is just one more example of how institutions in our country reinforce the message that a girl’s value is based on her appearance by objectifying her sexuality. When girls internalize these messages, they make decisions that compromise their emotional and physical health.

We were heartened by this letter from a father to Victoria's Secret. We applaud him when he says,

"I want my daughter to know that she is perfect the way she is; I want my daughter to know that no matter what underwear she is wearing it does not define her.  I believe that this new line 'Bright Young Things' thwarts the efforts of empowering young women in this country. 'Bright Young Things' gives off the message that women are sex objects. This new line promotes it at a dangerously young age."

This exploitative marketing is a stark reminder of the essential need to continue efforts to empower young women. We invite you to join us in helping strong girls become strong women.


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