Thursday, May 2, 2013

New group launches with Atlantic Street Center!

our goals
Did you know that a girl living in South Seattle is six times more likely to become a mother at 15 than her counterpart in North Seattle?  And did you know that one in ten high school girls in WA reports that in the last year an intimate partner limited her activities, threatened her or made her feel unsafe?  And one in six reported being hit, slapped or physically injured? Now put those statistics together.  A young woman, pregnant or newly parenting who is in an unhealthy and unsafe relationship. 

We imagine you are having the same reaction we did when our colleagues from the City of Seattle Human Services Department shared with us that girls enrolled in a teen parent group at Atlantic Street Center were more and more frequently telling stories about their own experiences or those of their peers who were concerned about unhealthy relationships and exploitation.  Together, we decided to do something to address this need.

In April 2013, we launched our new program, called Powerful Choices.  The program is co-facilitated by two amazing women:  Stephany from Powerful Voices and Sonita from Atlantic Street Center.  Our goal is that after completing an intensive 6-week group, these pregnant or parenting moms will:
  •          be able to identify the components of and the difference between a healthy and unhealthy relationship.
  •          report increase safety strategies to prevent being sexually exploited.
  •          develop increased self-esteem, self-efficacy and pro-social behavior.
  •          report increased recognition and use of family, school and community resources.

ASC staff Sonita, gets the room ready for the first group


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