Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Three Words

Felicia Guity, Powerful Voices' Board President got me all fired up when she shared her goals for the year with me:
1) Build a stronger board culture
2) Establish our brand
3) Fiscal stability and growth.
Yes, please!  I can't wait to see Powerful Voices grow this year with her leadership of our dynamic Board of Directors.

One of the qualities I admire about Felicia is her brief and to-the-point communication style.  As I started to identify my goals for the year I decided I wanted to move away from jargon.  Then I found this three words exercise.  Basically it encourages brevity and depth by choosing three (only three!) words to focus your goals and efforts for the year.

My Three Words for 2013

1.  Roots.  Powerful Voices has found stability over the past 18 months.  Now, it is time to get solid and root our organization in it's ecosystem.
2.  And.  One of the key rules of Improv is to say Yes! And.  The agreement of Yes reminds us to respect the content of what our fellow actors create, while the And helps continue the scene and allows us to add something of our own.
3.  Fierce.  As in Sasha Fierce.  When BeyoncĂ© was feeling shy about taking center stage, she created Sasha Fierce as her personal brand. This year I'm thinking about my personal brand as the Executive Director of Powerful Voices.  It's time to embrace the role of chief celebrant.

What are your three words for the year?

Wednesday, January 9, 2013


A New Year, A New Beginning! A vital part of my professional and personal life begins on January 2. For most individuals, and the world at large, they are gearing up to countdown the past year and enter into the New Year. For me, celebrating the New Year one day after the world reminds me of a life-changing decision that has allowed me to be more available to my friends, family, co-workers and the young people that I work with daily.

Our lives are most promising when we make life changing decisions and allow ourselves the freedom to live out the choices we’ve made. It is very easy to self-sabotage and what happens when we hit a low point in our lives. We have to look deep within and find that source of power that got us to where we are. The fire never goes out, and there is always something in us, or in our immediate grasp that can re-spark the flame.

 For me, the spark is looking back over the previous year, and re-capping all of the challenges and adversities that the young ladies I work with had to endure, and what changes they made to improve their quality of life. It inspires me to see the light come on for the ladies and immediately you see the changes. Changes take form in many ways…. They start going to school every day, G.P.A changes, better relationship with parents, no longer getting suspended from school, getting and maintain employment, involvement in community activities, stronger values and many more.

The message that I share with the ladies is consistent and penetrable. My formula for success with the young ladies is simple. I strongly believe in and value the three E’s, which are Education, Employment and Entrepreneurship.

I strongly believe once you complete school, you can go on to higher learning and once you have the education, then you get the job. Once you are employed and you begin to develop new skills, you have a shot at strengthening your career. Last but not least… Hobbies, Talents and Interests have to be cultivated to have an outlet for your creativity, passion and ideas. There are no guarantees in Corporate America or any job in this day in age. With that in mind, it is absolutely imperative that you build your own fortune on the side. This is a formula of success for youth and all. Try it, this is a new year and a new beginning.
Frankie, PV Case Manager