Giving Thanks.

Thanks to all of us in the Powerful Voices community:

positive girl culture is fostered,
goals are set, 
inequities get challenged, 
girls get connected to their values, 
curriculum is adapted, 
partnerships are built, 
safe and healthy relationships get nurtured,
feedback is given, 
rent gets paid,
and the Girlvolution rolls on.

groups fill up,
a culture of appreciation is built, 
case loads get full, 
agendas get set, 
strategic thinking gets communicated,
donors get cultivated,
girls get better grades, 
grants get written, 
generative questions get asked,
board prospects get vetted,
1:1s get scheduled, 
and the Girlvolution rolls on.

interns get supervised, 
girls feel proud of who they are,
birthdays get celebrated, 
evaluations get completed, 
girls get supported,
staff get paid, 
referral partners get courted, 
girls feel proud of who they are,
space for reflection gets created,
policies get revised, 
critical incidents get resolved, 
and the Girlvolution rolls on.

snacks get bought, 
sponsors are secured, 
girls make safe and healthy choices,
girls use their voices, 
data gets entered, 
girls get motivated, 
focus groups are held,
bills are paid,
girls' goals get achieved, 
donors get thanked, 
a zine is produced,
and the Girlvolution rolls on.

girls get jobs, 
Adult Allies get trained, 
audits get completed, 
PTO gets used,
groups get facilitated, 
technology gets updated, 
thank you notes get written, 
budgets are monitored, 
girls get 21st century skills,
girls become leaders and change makers,
the community gets invested,
and the Girlvolution rolls on.

Thanks to all of us,
girls and allies work together,
strong girls become strong women and build strong communities,
AND...we get that much closer to our vision of a world where all girls live healthy, personally meaningful lives in a society that values them.

Thank you for all of your hard work, patience, smarts and generosity. Happy Thanksgiving.


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