Meet a strong girl: Kelsy.

This spring, an 8th grade girl named Kelsy presented a workshop at Powerful Voices’ Girlvolution Conference entitled, “Families Are Being Torn Apart.” She said, “it is about deportation, and how it is affecting families and the health of the children of the deportees. I also show my audience the importance of families, and ask them to think of how they would feel if someone they loved was being deported.” Kelsy confidently facilitated the workshop attended by 50+ youth and adults, engaging them in a dialogue that included a clear call to action around immigration reform. As we await the President's executive action today, we are remembering how Kelsy courageously shared her own story and taught youth and adults facts about immigration from academic research she completed,

Pictured here are youth and adults in Kelsey's workshop who are reading case studies of immigrants who are being detained. Kelsy asked them to play the role of government employees who have to determine which people will be deported. It was a powerful and moving exercise that generated a lot of dialogue. Kelsy's leadership created a space for our community to reflect on what justice, health and safety mean to them. 

Kelsy is just one example of how Powerful Voices empowers young women to become leaders and change-makers, partnering with others to shape a more just world.


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