Girl Justice 2015


Become part of the movement by helping girls' develop critical thinking, leadership, and self-efficacy skills.

Girl Justice is an affordable, interactive one-day workshop hosted and facilitated by Powerful Voices, a non-profit that has been serving girls ages 12-18 since 1995. Our gender-specific and strengths-based approaches are rooted in a social justice analysis.

In this workshop we will strengthen your girl justice analysis as we:
  • Deconstruct messages embedded in the socialization of girls in American culture
  • Analyze how intersections of oppression impact youth
  • Explore our own relationships to privilege and oppression
  • Discuss how adultism affects our ability to effectively serve youth     
  • Practice strength-based approaches in one-on-one and group work
  • Become better adult allies to youth!  
This training will close with a Youth Panel comprised of graduates of our program who will share their experience in our programs, give advice and tips on the best ways to support youth, and answer questions.

Save the date for Friday, February 20, 2015.

Registration opens January 12th via 


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