Give Two Minutes to Powerful Voices

You're a fan.  Guess what?  We need your help. 

Here are a few 2-minute actions you could take to support Powerful Voices.  I hope you will pick one (or more!) and join us in building our network of advocates for social justice.  

Two-minute actions:
1)  Comment on this post with a quote we can share with our community about why you are a fan of Powerful Voices.  Please let us know if you would like us to use your name, or keep the quote anonymous.  Finish this sentence, "I'm a fan of Powerful Voices because ____________________."

2) Use social media to raise awareness about Powerful Voices.  Your networks can become our networks when you share posts found on our FB page or share this video or Kelsy's story.

3)  Send a thank you email or have a conversation with someone in your life who has given their time, talents or money to help strong girls become strong women. Tell them about your involvement with Powerful Voices, invite them to check out our Strategic Framework and encourage them to connect with Powerful Voices.  

You are an integral part of the Girlvolution.  Thank you for giving to Powerful Voices! 


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