Top 14 of 2014

A Note from our Executive Director, Jane Hinton:

The close of 2014 is occurring within the context of national conversations about sexism, safety, race and justice.  We each experience this conversation within the reality of our own identities.  As we listen to each other, engage in courageous conversations and actions, and find our roles in this transformational time - we are creating a collective call for change.

I believe change will happen.   I believe change is happening.  I hear it in the voices of the youth we partner with and I see it in the actions of allies who recognize that racism and sexism are not just a detriment to those who are marginalized, but a detriment to the health and well-being of our entire community.

In that spirit, I offer you my "Top 14 of 2014" - examples of change that occurred this year as girls and allies partnered to build a more just world. 
  1. 297 girls join the 5,000+ that came before them in graduating from our programs with increased confidence, skills and power.
  2. A record-setting 280 youth and adults showed up for the Girlvolution to learn "if I am open, others will be," as stated by a 14 year-old attendee.
  3. 71 adults attended Girl Justice workshops and are now equipped to use girl- and race-specific practices with other youth.
  4. Girls graduating from Powerful Choices stated that they are "letting go of self doubt, stress, negative thoughts, fear of being judged about things I can't do" and "taking in confidence, confidence, confidence! friendship and love, positive thoughts, the new friends I have made."
  5. For the 17th consecutive year, Powerful Voices brought our programs into King County Juvenile Detention to help girls explore their right to feel safe, make healthy choices, and advocate for themselves.
  6. Powerful Voices' innovative + evidence-based practices were featured in the Spring 2014 edition of Afterschool Matters - via an article written by co-founder Ann Muno.
  7. 217 people took action and volunteered their time to invest in girls growth.
  8. We certified 5 facilitators from Atlantic Street Center to deliver the Powerful Choices curriculum - an exciting first step in our goal to build capacity for other organizations to replicate our program model, which is great timing because:
  9. We received requests for curriculum from 25 different organizations, from Florida to Indiana to Maryland to California.
  10. Every month, alumna stopped by the office and gave us the chance to see the long-term impact of our programs.  There was nothing better than hearing them say, "I learned so much at this place" or "I'm using the things I learned here in my job!"
  11. The Day of the Girl went BIGGER - doubling attendance from last year, over 400 advocates responded to our call to action, and invested $75,000 in the voices, perspectives and strengths of Powerful Voices.
  12. Building the strength of our organization, the Board of Directors solidified our identity, defined our impact and refined our strategy for the future.  Read more in our Strategic Framework.
  13. For the 18th consecutive year, Powerful Voices brought programs into Seattle Public Schools middle schools to build 21st century skills that support success at every stage of life.
  14. YOU - our supporters.  We built a stronger base of support this year - we loved welcoming back our loyal fans, partners and donors and were excited to grow our community, deepen partnerships, meet new fans and add 1,200 subscribers via social media/email list.

Thank you to all of you who have partnered with us this year.   

If you haven't given to Powerful Voices in 2014, you are going to want to be part of our work to shape a more just world.  Please make a donation before December 31st.  


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