Seeking volunteers for Mock Interviews

Powerful Voices is seeking volunteers for a mock interviewing session for a job readiness program called Develop Your Voice and Speak (DYVAS).  Interviewing is one of the most important ways to highlight strengths to land a job and can be difficult to master.  For many, practice and feedback is the best way to learn, grow, and improve which is why we are hosting this opportunity.  

Past volunteers who have participated as a mock interviewer have shared that the experience has been incredibly uplifting and that it has influenced the way they interact with young women in our community.  Girls have shared that it has been impactful and changed the way the approach and interview for employment and other opportunities.

When:TUESDAY, AUGUST 11th from 12:30 - 3 pm

Where: Powerful Voices’ office on Capitol Hill (1620 18th Ave. Suite 100 Seattle 98122).  We are on the corner of 18th and Madison.  

What to expect: There will be 13-15 girls ages 14-17 participating.  We have 2 entry level jobs that are hiring that are relevant  to their experience and that youth in their age group are interested in applying to.  In advance, you will be emailed the 2 jobs they will be interviewing for and a list of suggested interview questions to use.  At the event, you will meet other volunteers and the girls and each youth will get the opportunity to interview with at least one volunteer, reflect on how they did, and hear positive and constructive feedback on their interview's in small groups.

Who: We are seeking up to 15 volunteers who are experienced interviewers and/or who interview others often.  

How do I get involved? Please let Program Manager, Molly, know if you are interested.  RSVP to:  Molly Pencke

Thank you in advance for considering participating and please feel free to invite others to be interviewers.


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