Tuesday, July 21, 2015

NEW! Girl Justice 2.0

Demonstrating the same practices used in our programs with girls, Girl Justice 2.0 creates a respectful and engaging learning environment through the use of hands-on practice, and individual and group activities.

Powerful Voices' curriculum is a social-justice, research-based model, proven to build girls' protective factors and relationships in school, juvenile detention, and community-based settings. 

Professionals that serve girls who are impacted by violence and oppression will find this training full of practical information and tools.  

Completion of Girl Justice 1.0 since 2011 is a prerequisite for registration.

During this workshop you will:
  • Learn alongside Powerful Voices' staff through experiential education
  • Prepare to lead your own group, while exploring your Powerful Voices Facilitators Manual, complete with 12 curriculum modules
  • Receive the Powerful Voices Evaluation Tool-Kit, which contains all the materials you need to measure girls' outcomes for your groups.
  • Become a certified Powerful Voices Facilitator, which enables you to offer Powerful Voices groups in your community at no additional cost.

Lunch and light snacks are provided.

When:  September 18th from 9-5pm

Where:  Hearing Speech and Deafness Center, 1625 19th Avenue, Seattle, WA 98122

Sliding Fee Scale:

  • $200/person for independent attendees & employees of organizations with annual budgets of less than $250,000
  • $250/person for employees of organizations with annual budget of $250,001-$999,999
  • $300/person for employees of organizations with annual budget of $1,000,000+
Limited scholarships are available thanks to the generosity of our donors.

Register today

Girl Justice 1.0

Girl Justice 1.0 is our original 5-hour workshop for youth development professionals, educators, and any adults who are looking to strengthen their role and skills in empowering young women.

This training will strengthen your girl justice analysis as we:

  • Explore our own relationships to privilege and oppression
  • Practice strength-based approaches
  • Become better adult allies
  • Strengthen our analysis of the intersection of oppressions girls face
  • Learn the guiding principles and practices of Powerful Voices 
Workshop attendees will receive a free sample of Powerful Voices' Facilitators Manual.

Light snacks are provided

When:  September 17th from 12-5pm

Where:  Hearing Speech and Deafness Center, 1625 19th Avenue, Seattle, WA 98122

Cost:  $50 per person.  Scholarships are available thanks to the generosity of our donors.

Male identified allies needed and welcomed!

Register today.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Summer Programs Need Snack Attack Volunteers!

What: Buy, prepare, and bring lunch for youth in our summer programs. 
  • DYVAS (Develop Your Voice and Speak) Employment Program hosted at the PV office for 13 girls ages 14-18 plus 2 staff.
  • Girls Rising middle school program hosted at Casa Latina for 15 girls (ages 12-14) plus 2 staff
*PV will provide tax deductible receipts for donating food in kind.

Why:  Staff have limited time and capacity to buy and prepare food, Powerful Voices and Casa Latina kitchen's are limited on appliances and space, and youth love to eat healthy food prepared by the wider community.  Good food is love!

What types of food:  Think healthy and easy to eat/prepare.  For example: sandwich making station, fruit, veggies, chips and salsa, pasta salad, enchiladas, chicken and rice, pizza, etc.  For any hot dishes, PV only has a small microwave and toaster oven and we are not sure yet about Casa Latina's kitchen so we don't have the capacity to heat up large dishes.

  • DYVAS-Needed every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from July 7th - August 13th (except for 7/15).  Sign up for one day or multiple.  Drop off at the PV office on the day you signed up for anytime between 9:30 am and noon (lunch is served to youth at12:30).
  • Girls Rising-Needed every Tuesday and Thursday from July 7th-August 6th (except for 7/14 and 8/6). Sign up for one day or multiple.  Drop off at Casa Latina on the day you signed up for anytime between 10:30 am and noon (lunch is served to youth at12:30).

To sign up to support DYVAS email Viche at Viche@powerfulvoices.org
To sign up to support Girls Rising email Selena at Selena@powerfulvoices.org

Seeking volunteers for Mock Interviews

Powerful Voices is seeking volunteers for a mock interviewing session for a job readiness program called Develop Your Voice and Speak (DYVAS).  Interviewing is one of the most important ways to highlight strengths to land a job and can be difficult to master.  For many, practice and feedback is the best way to learn, grow, and improve which is why we are hosting this opportunity.  

Past volunteers who have participated as a mock interviewer have shared that the experience has been incredibly uplifting and that it has influenced the way they interact with young women in our community.  Girls have shared that it has been impactful and changed the way the approach and interview for employment and other opportunities.

When:TUESDAY, AUGUST 11th from 12:30 - 3 pm

Where: Powerful Voices’ office on Capitol Hill (1620 18th Ave. Suite 100 Seattle 98122).  We are on the corner of 18th and Madison.  

What to expect: There will be 13-15 girls ages 14-17 participating.  We have 2 entry level jobs that are hiring that are relevant  to their experience and that youth in their age group are interested in applying to.  In advance, you will be emailed the 2 jobs they will be interviewing for and a list of suggested interview questions to use.  At the event, you will meet other volunteers and the girls and each youth will get the opportunity to interview with at least one volunteer, reflect on how they did, and hear positive and constructive feedback on their interview's in small groups.

Who: We are seeking up to 15 volunteers who are experienced interviewers and/or who interview others often.  

How do I get involved? Please let Program Manager, Molly, know if you are interested.  RSVP to:  Molly Pencke

Thank you in advance for considering participating and please feel free to invite others to be interviewers.