Powerful Voices is seeking an Executive Director!

Powerful Voices is seeking an experienced leader who is personally and professionally committed to racial equity work and social justice for girls. Powerful Voices’ next Executive Director will have the passion and skills to lead and grow a small, progressive organization to make a big impact on the lives of individual girls, their schools and their communities.

Since 1995, Powerful Voices has been promoting social justice and addressing inequity at its root by promoting the individual potential of girls in Seattle. We will hire an Executive Director who shares our commitment to helping girls be proud of who they are as they become leaders and change makers in their communities.

Powerful Voices invites girls to realize their dreams, engage their communities, and shape a more just world. At Powerful Voices we focus our services on girls and those who identify as or are socialized as girls between ages 12 and 18 who are most impacted by poverty, violence, and other systemic forms of oppression. As a result, 96% of our participants are girls of color and 88% live with a low income, usually in central and south Seattle. We offer a wide range of evidence-based services, from case management to peer support to employment opportunities, all with the goal of helping strong girls become strong women. Specifically, Powerful Voices works to build positive girl culture and prevent girls from experiencing violence, equipping girls with tools to build personal power. Here are just some of the proven impacts of our programs.

  • Girls feel proud of who they are.
  • Girls make safe and healthy choices.
  • Girls build safe and healthy relationships.
  • Girls succeed in school and life.
  • Girls become leaders and change makers.
  • Girls and allies work together for justice and equity in their communities.

Our programs are based on the vision that all girls will live healthy and personally meaningful lives in a society that values them. Powerful Voices serves approximately 75 girls per year through three intensive direct service programs, and reaches over 300 more through community engagement and advocacy work.  Powerful Voices currently has an annual operating budget of $609,000 and employs nine staff. 

Download the full posting for position and application details:
Powerful Voices Executive Director Position


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